Azerbaijani, Austrian musicians give joint concert in Vienna

The 128th anniversary of great Azerbaijani composer Uzeyir Hajibayli and the National Music Days have been marked at the Azerbaijani Cultural Centre in Vienna.

The event involved public and government officials of Austria, representatives of accredited diplomatic corpses in Vienna, community representatives, Azerbaijanis living in this country and music fans, AzerTAj reports.

At the concert, Azerbaijani musicians, Honoured Artist, Professor Nargiz Aliyarova (piano), Honoured Artist Nargiz Karimova (soprano) and Agshin Abdullayev (tenor), accompanied by the Vienna Chamber Orchestra\'s Soloists string quartet, performed classic works of Azerbaijani and European composers. Arias from Hajibayli\'s \"Arazbarı\", \"Aşıqsayağı\", \"Sevgili canan\" compositions and \"Arşın mal alan\" operetta caused big interest. 

Nargiz Aliyarova also skilfully performed the works of W.A. Mozart, V. Mustafazade, J. Hajiyev, F. Chopin and other composers. 

A reception was held for the guests following the concert.



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